School Safety

JT and family + friends stand with Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal at a Hartford press conference. 

A very young JT and then-President Barack Obama stand in a Newtown classroom.

JT and Senator Orin Hatch met to discuss the school safety funding bill, the "Stop School Violence Act 2018".

JT and Senator Lindsey Graham

JT and Scarlett Lewis meet with Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to discuss "The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement" and how it ties in with school safety.

JT and Jake Tapper meet at CNN Studios.

JT and Lara Trump meet at Trump Tower to discuss how to prevent school shootings and much more. 

A personal letter from President Trump to JT Lewis after his visit to the White House to discuss the school safety efforts.

JT interned with the Governor of New Hampshire. He's pictured with the Governor and the First Lady.

JT and then-AG Jeff Sessions (who was on Secretary DeVos' School Safety Commission) discuss securing schools.


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